• The production base of international advanced ultra pure materials on a large scale

    Guoxi independently research the new generation of ultra pure metal materials, which break the technological monopoly of western countries, meet top scientific research and high-end equipment manufactured domestic needs……

  • 99.99995% ultra purity metal materials,leading high-end manufacturing

    Our Company have manufactured the batch productionof 6N high purity copper and zinc at present , now our products have been applied in high-class manufacturing fields and national defense department……

  • committing to excellence, witnessing to future

    People`s determination in Guoxi:Located in the frontiers of high purity science and technology,guiding high-end materials model.we are in Innovation and excellence,who is committed to promoting our country from "material power" to "material power"for achieving high-end material manufacturing industry and assisting richer and stronger country dream.......

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