Henan Guoxi Ultrapure New Materials Co.,ltd is committed to become a technological innovation-based enterprises of large-scale ultra purity metal industrialized production,scientific research and transformation of achievements in science and technology,and deeply processing integration.which was built in the June of 2012,owning 110000 square meters and the registered capital up to 11,000,000.00 usd.Our main business is producing and selling ultra purity metal materials, The company formerly was known as Henan Guoxi Ultrapurity Metal Materials co., LTD,which is changed its name “Henan Guoxi Ultrapure New Materials Co.,ltd ”due to company's shareholding system reform.
    The industrialization projects of our ultra high purity metal materials is located in the chain front-end of advanced manufacturing and high-tech industry,we indenpendently research the new generation of ultra pure metal materials, which break the technological monopoly of western countries, meet top scientific research and high-end equipment manufactured domestic needs which will strongly push related areas of technical progress and coordinated development,becoming the important support of promoting industrial upgrading and improving industry core competitiveness.

    The company has a group of vibrant,strong technical force and closely follow with international frontier science and technology research team to forge ahead, they take Henan Guoxi Ultrapure New Materials Project Technology Research Center as a core, production-study-research as ties, systematically set up a great-hearted, special characteristics of technology innovation system team, Now Guoxi researcher have strong ability of a strong research, development and the independent innovation .we will do our best to supplying the most pure metal materials at the competitive price.

     Recently, due to vacuum distillation of the preparation of super pure metal, mostly use arc melting, electron beam melting, zone melting fire refining purification technology in the domestic,when producing , domestic factory meet all kinds of difficults , just like small capacity,high cost.low efficiency and other questions. so compared with well-known foreign brands , we have weak competitive force.

     Now our company meet the urgent market,which is based on researching and producing of super high purity metal materials in large-scale by solving the technical barriers,now we research advanced ultra pure metal purification technology and innovativly break through tranditional purity refining technology difficults . now 99.99995% ultra purity metal materials can lead high-end manufacturing in the world.

     Our Company have manufactured the batch productionof 6N high purity copper and zinc at present , now our products have been applied in high-class manufacturing fields and national defense department and get good economic benefit and social benefit.< Henan Guoxi Ultrapure New Materials Project Technology Research Center> was built under every government department support,we will improve mechanism of innovation better and better.We achieved two scientific research international advanced achievements: 《Large-scale producing 6N high purity zinc project technology》and《Large-scale producing 6N high purity copper project technology》, eight utility model of patents and two invention patents in 2015.Our company have the honor to be selected to 《military industrial products recommended catalog》,we also actively promote civil-military integration depth.

     Our belief: Located in the frontiers of high purity science and technology,guiding high-end materials model.we are insists on the unification of research development and production, and constantly enhance the level of technology and development through innovation,now we have grow to nascent modern advanced manufacturing enterprises,we successively won the "Henan Quality Outstanding Technological Innovation Enterprise", "2014 top ten innovative enterprises dual-use technology", "2016 dual-use technology ten innovation project" and other honorary titles.We also won the third prize in the fourth session of China's innovation entrepreneurship competition in new materials industry and the first prize in the fourth of henan province science and technology entrepreneurship eyas contest in 2015.



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